Saturday, September 6, 2008

Alien Dreams, Part I

First an explanatory note: whenever I speak of aliens on this blog, I am using the word merely as shorthand for the various kinds of entities reported by experiencers of paranormal contact or abduction phenomena; I don't pretend to have any insight or understanding of their true origin.

I know nothing is more irritatingly tedious than listening to some fool spew on about their dreams, and I promise I won't make a habit of it here. I only set these two down because I don't recall ever having dreamt of aliens before being repeatedly exposed over the past several months to accounts of contacts and abductions, and because while I don't usually believe that dreams are anything more than internal processes of our brains, sometimes I do -- at least some dreams, and these two, particularly the second, feel to me to fall into that category.

I do understand that the most probable reason for these dreams is simply that I've been listening and thinking and freaking myself out about the subject, and so my subconscious is playing around with it and my deteriorating brain is going haywire on me and that's all there is to it; but at the same time a part of me buys into the statement often expressed by explorers of the paranormal that the more you think and search and open yourself up to these things, the more they will seek out you. Again, I understand that probably the reason they're "seeking" you is just because you've predisposed your brain to interpret everything it perceives in a certain way, regardless of what's objectively there. But then again, I can't share the absolute certainty of psychologists and materialist-rationalists that the things we perceive in altered states of consciousness are mere imaginations of the mind; such reasoning strikes me as fundamentally flawed because it is based on an erroneous assumption: alien entities absolutely do not exist, nuh-uh no way; therefore anyone who sees them has to be hallucinating, misinterpreting, or lying.

Of course, most psychologists and materialist-rationalists, being educated, rational, and brilliant people who wish to appear educated, rational and brilliant, will happily admit that alien entities probably exist all over the cosmos; they just don't happen to exist in the one spot of the cosmos where their presence would be inconvenient for the beliefs of educated, rational and brilliant people.

Oh, if only I could bottle my self-loathing vitriol and drink it in its fermented state, what a happy woman I would be.

Anyway, to my mind it seems just as reasonable to assume (since that's all any of us are doing, whatever lies some people may tell themselves) that these entities really do exist, but that for some reason (and many intriguing speculations have been put forth) we are unable to perceive them in our conscious, waking state.

But I've wandered long enough for now. Onto the first dream, which strikes me as by far the less interesting of the two I've had.

As it begins I am surrounded in darkness, nestled snugly but perhaps a little anxiously in the darkness, and I know I am watching or about to watch a film, though not on a screen, or at least I can't detect the screen; it's as if I'm looking through a glassless window onto the real world. I have a very dim sense of seeing one or two lines of opening credits, though if I did I have absolutely no recollection of what they may have represented: peoples' names or the title of the film or whatever.

It opens on a farm in a rural area at night: ten o'clock, I seem to know, though it feels later. I am looking down upon the scene; low mountains in the distance, perhaps a lake or river, certainly there are many trees; and a starless sky with a pale-bright full moon, to which my eye is drawn. There is a dirt road, a fence I think, a large wooden building like a stable and perhaps a cluster of outbuildings. A house? I can't recall. I seem to remember smoke rising from a chimney, but can't say for sure. The impression is of utter isolation in a sparsely-populated region miles from nowhere; it is so difficult for me to remember, but it strikes me that my feeling was an odd mixture of cozy enchantment (because I'd love to live in a place like this) mingled with an undercurrent of anxiety (because I'd hate to be alone in such a place at night) that seems to be present throughout this dream.

I watch this scene for a few moments. Overall I think I enjoy it, I get a good feeling from it. I like the little quiet place out in the country. And now I am shown that the night wears on by a weird sequence of the moon. You've probably seen the kind of time-lapse shot or whatever it is where you are looking at the night sky, and the position of the moon gradually fades from one spot to reappear in another. In this case something odd happens; the old position of the moon doesn't seem to fade out so much as the moon seems to split itself like an amoeba, or perhaps turns to a box and then fades out and reappears as a peanut shape or as an orb that extrudes something from itself until it assumes a peanut shape. I seem to recall seeing a sharp black line briefly appear through the place where the two moons joined. I can't sort out in my mind now just exactly what happened with it. But in the end the moon became a pale-bright orb again, just a little lower in the sky directly beneath where it was before.

My view drifts down to a close-up of the stable. I have the sense that something needs to be done: a few simple last-minute chores, perhaps, prior to shutting the place down for the night or the season, and there's a sense of peace and completion such as I feel when being the last one out of the office at night mingled with that same underfeeling of unease, as if I want to get out of there quickly because I'm suddenly nervous being there in the dark by myself, or am afraid that someone or something might show up soon, or will show up soon. I seem to have become part of the film now, to be the person who is involved in the plot, but as I think of these things to be done somebody else comes on scene and I split back to being a watcher again; whether she's the star or a minor character I can't tell, but it's Sigourney Weaver, apparently, in a white blouse and cream-colored jeans or riding pants. She is the one who is taking care of these last-minute things, though I don't remember seeing her actually do anything. Maybe she finished up just before coming on, or maybe it gets done behind the scenes as she's there.

She gets in the car. Do I feel that we (she, me?) are now safe, or that we waited too long and are now on the brink of disaster? It's all mixed up in my head. But as she drives along, and I seem to be floating outside the car moving along with it, looking at her in profile as the night countryside speeds by in a blur, I either see or have the sense that now Richard Gere is looking at this scene as film footage frame by frame, holding a small screen in his hands and peering intently at it, and whether I'm him or there next to him or watching him as an actor in a film on my own screen I can't say. As with most of my dreams, the details afterward are horribly confused. But I know, because it seems to be the whole point of the film, that Sigourney is going to encounter an alien; I am watching for it, waiting for it, and sure enough, as I watch the blurry black background outside the car window move past frame by frame, a grayish-white blur pops into view.

There it is! I think, and I may feel exultant at having seen it or calmly assured by what I had known was going to happen, but I'm certainly not scared or concerned in any way. The film slows even more now and I watch as the blur clicks horizontally closer toward Sigourney -- although the car was moving from left to right, and the alien blur, as I recall, did not appear at the right side of the screen and work its way to the left as you would normally expect if she were driving toward something on the roadside; as I recall the blur appeared suddenly in the middle of the screen and seemed to move toward the right faster than the car did, or maybe kept pace with the car. Still no fear. And the film slows down even more, because we want to get a really good look at this alien, and apparently in the mechanics of this dream the more you slow down the film the clearer and sharper the objects it captures will be. I am excited, athrob with anticipation; I want to see the alien!

So the film slows to a stop, and there it is, clear as a bell, staring right into the car, its elongated head and huge black eyes and tiny mouth slackly open like a confused old man's, the neck so thin and short that it's barely not even there, thin as thread, and I think I see a long flexy arm, maybe its right arm stretched impossibly behind its back to reach around on its left side toward the car window, and though I was expecting to see its face and, as I thought, prepared for it, the sudden clarity of it huge and looming at the window scared the bejesus out of me and I burst awake with a scream or some kind of violent convulsion that woke my husband, who is a dead-snoring log sleeper.

Unlike some scary dreams, the fear of this one immediately dissipated as soon as I realized I was awake and had been dreaming. It wasn't until I started meditating over it there in the dark night and conjuring up visions of them trying to get at me through wormholes in the realm of sleep that I began to work myself into a state.

I certainly don't expect anyone to see any usable significance in what is surely just another dream. But for whatever pittance it may be worth, you are welcome to it.


Alien Contactee said...

It's a good thing that you have convinced yourself that it's simply a dream because it most certainly is.

However, was it a dream of your own mind's design or was it delivered by another. Could it have been delivered by someone that's looking over you?

You stated, "I see a long flexy arm, maybe its right arm stretched impossibly behind its back to reach around on its left side toward the car window"

In dreams, the car you are in is your vehicle, which is representative of your body.

If, and that's just an if - someone had given you this dream, they could have been telling you that someone went way out of their way (based on "its right arm stretched impossibly behind its back") and this would be in an attempt to enter your vehicle (body).

While delivering dreams, everything done within the dream is always symbolic or metaphoric for something else in order to form an analogy for you to look at. The words you seek in order to define any dream are the nouns.

Dreams such as the one you had are very common these days but don't necessarily blow it off to entrenching yourself in aliens and UFOs just because you have done so. Instead, it could have been a message or rather wake up call of some kind if deemed necessary.

Alien abductions are well over with. That particular agenda has been over for many, many years. However, when abductions stopped, their new agenda began, which is called alien induction where an alien (the dead) dwells amongst the living humans and using their bodies as vehicles in order to take them to and fro.

Lastly, the soul is representative of a 'window'. That would have meant that the visitor was either looking at your soul or attempting to get into your vehicle in order to look at your soul.

Sweet dreams.

The Staggering Priestess said...

Dear Alien Contactee,

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog and to write such a substantial and gripping post. In my reading and podcast listening I don't believe I have yet heard anyone mention the subject of induction. I will be paying more attention to this.

My mind is not terribly lucid at this precise moment and I am having some trouble fully processing your message. I find your interpretation of my dream profoundly disturbing, and yet you crystallize in clear and eloquent language, the thoughts I must have been hazily groping toward as I lay in my bed afterward reflecting on it.

Unfortunately, if this dream was sent by some protector as a warning (if I understand correctly what you are telling me), the second dream makes me think that the warning may have been deciphered too late -- and yet, perhaps not. The second dream was weirder in many ways, but moved, as I recall, from fear to unfear, which is the opposite of the first.

Am I understanding you aright that in dream language aliens represent the dead?

Thank you again for responding. Please be well.

Alien Contactee said...

Re: "Am I understanding you right that in dream language aliens represent the dead?"

No, you may have misunderstood. What I meant is that 'induction' is essentially aliens using humans as a vehicle. Deceased aliens that is.

Individuals called contactees are the ones I refer to. Then again, some are used as vehicles unknowingly. What and why they are doing this is worrisome because nobody really knows.

I've got a good example here on dream interpretation, which I'll post so that you get a better idea. This is a good one too.

In 2004 I was posting in the Unexplained Mysteries forum when a young lady posted a dream she kept getting repetitively.

After reading the dream I read it to her on her personal message. I wouldn’t dare put it in the forum as a post as you will soon see why.

The young lady told the forum that in her dream she was playing around in her yard and there were candy wrappers all around on the grass and the wrappers were folded like triangles.

She then said that in the dream a stranger keeps trying to wake her and her husband up and cannot get them to wake up.

The dream was very lengthy, however this is all I need to tell you since at this point I already knew what the dream was about.

I wrote in her personal message that it sounds like her husband and herself are doing drugs of some nature, probably coke or methamphetamines because they are considered “candy” and the wrappers were folded as if to look like bindles. As well, they were both are smoking pot, which is why the wrappers were on the “grass” and that a stranger is trying to wake the two of them up and get them to stop.

Both very embarrassed and scared, she notified me on my personal message and told me that I was dead on and that they would stop.

So the two things you really watch for are repetitive dreams and OBEs. Rule of thumb, both are wake up calls.

The Staggering Priestess said...

Dear Alien Contactee,

Thank you so much for responding. I appreciate how generous you have been with your time and thought.

I think now I have a better understanding of what you, and my dream, are trying to tell me. If so, it means I should be listening very carefully to the messages that the farm is shutting down and that at the end of the dream the vehicle slows until it comes to a complete stop. Messages that even my conscious mind and waking body have been receiving hints of over the past months.

A very sobering dream, in several ways. Thank you very much, again. Please be well.

Alien Contactee said...

Give me a day or two to attempt to interpret your whole dream - just because. I saw some other things in there that I recognize.

One thing I cannot do and only you can is apply certain parts of your dream to your own life's experiences.

Hypothetically speaking, you see San Francisco (SF) in your dream and you had been to SF in the past.

That part of the dream would mean that it pertains to an experience 'you' had in SF that was 'meaningful'. That 'meaningful' experience will possibly pertain once again (current day) in some fashion.

I used SF because in 2002, while driving my Honda Accord up and down the hills, it started to boil over. It was a very hot day and I had about 180,000 on the vehicle. I had no water and and there were no gas stations in the immediate vicinity so I drove it around trying to find one. In the process of doing so I cracked the engine block. Dumb. I should have called a tow.

Just this last spring, I had a dream where I was in SF driving around in my car. That very morning after waking up to the dream I took my car down to a Shell to check the radiator only to find out that I had practically no water, a radiator hose that was deteriorating and the clamp had even fallen off.

So essentially what had happened to me in SF was getting ready to happen again but this time I called a tow and sent it off to Pep Boys.

Anyway, those kinds of things are the exceptions to interpretation of a dream - but again only if it's not a dream of your own mind's design. The difference being that the dream was either lucid or accompanied by an OBE type of experience.

Anyway, I like reading them when I'm not busy (and I'm not busy right now) so I'll throw it to you when it's done.

I'm not you though, so there will not be any concrete answers, just things to look at and think about.

I meant to ask you something. In your dreams, do you ever have 'the feeling' that someone is trying to tell you that aliens are in our airspace or something else of that nature? That's a very common experience in dreams these days.

Alien Contactee said...

I'm going to share with you what caught my eye from the beginning. It was in the first part of your post. To portray what I need to portray, I've attached a couple of pictures that I happen to have. These pictures were designed by an alien contactee and are based on what he was told in regard to the alien's current agenda.

You've got to have a very open mind for this. This will do one of two things. You'll laugh you ass off or it'll blow your mind.

The first picture is your original comment so re-read it first and then go to the next two pictures. Take a good look at what the pictures represent and then read your comment again.

Your original comment
What contactees are being sold by aliens
Watching man's acts

The Staggering Priestess said...

Mindblowing images indeed, AC, thanks very much for sharing! And with your guidance it is very easy now to see the tie-in with the opening of my own dream.

In truth an embryonic gel of this concept has existed in my own mind for a long time, although as filtered through my internal lenses it has taken on colorings like "God as novelist" or "God moving human pawns to produce His desired ends." But the concept is a very old one, as you know, to be found in varying forms throughout classical literature and ancient religious texts (and elsewhere too, I feel sure, though I'm unfamiliar with literature that is not Western); though of course the watchers or controllers are envisioned by the old writers as deities and demigods rather than as aliens.

There are so many layers here my mind reels. You have given me much, much to think about.

In response to your question, I can't recall ever having a dream in which I received a suggestion that aliens or any other kind of intruders were in our airspace specifically. I have had many, many dreams of unpleasant human intruders (thugs, murderers, rapists and the like) trying to break into my home.